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            When a petition is issued by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) calling for an election, 64% of the time the union wins.

UNLESS you hire Midwest Management Consultants, Inc.  We have about a 90% success rate in either forcing the union to withdraw or in winning that election.  

Posted under “Client List” is a list of companies who have hired us to represent them in pending NLRB petitions and the positive results we have achieved for those referenced clients. We can provide appropriate contact information so you can verify our success.

We let you decide if you should hire us by calling our clients to document their experiences with us.  Contact us and we will give you the contact information to call them.


            We are registered persuaders with the US Department of Labor who will meet with you and your employees to discuss how a union could affect your company and your ability to serve your customers. Since unions only currently represent 6.3% of the private sector workforce, their decline in membership has forced them to try to get a contract, so they can collect dues from your employees.  Your employees do not need to give up part of their pay just to be able to work at their job. 


            We help your employees in meetings as well as in shop floor conversations identify ways they can reach their goals without a union, and without paying monthly dues just for the right to work for your company.   Our meetings often result in management and employees having a stronger relationship where concerns are raised and addressed appropriately.


            What we do not do is generate a lot of paper and documents that get passed out to the employees, that the employees tend to be never read, and that the union passes over to the NLRB filing unfair labor practice charges because a company document passed out was unlawful because it used the word “would” instead of “could.”


            Meetings and shop floor conversations with your employees provide a personal touch where we address their questions and concerns.  As a result most of our victories come without your having to endure an NLRB election. Once your employees understand the facts concerning union representation, they often decide they do not want a union in their facility and the employees ask the union to withdraw. Most unions will comply and “withdraw their petition” rather than face embarrassment at the ballot box. Many times we have persuaded employees to force the union to withdraw in just one meeting, thus saving companies tens of thousands of dollars, and at the same time bringing employees and management back together!

We are more than willing to work with your attorney (who usually will not meet with your employees unless he registers as a persuader), but we do not give legal advice to either you or your employees. What we will do is offer the truth and explain the process should the union win an election. If you do not have an attorney, we can refer you to a lawyer who is experienced in NLRB elections.

While unions call us “Union Busters”, the simple truth is that unions do not like our results (considering how desperate unions are today for members and money).  The NLRB currently reports that about 64% of the time the union will win an election.   When we are hired, that win rate drops to about 10%.   No wonder they call us names!

We follow the law. Nobody is threatened and nobody is fired for supporting a union. In fact, it is often the case that after union supporters hear the truth about all that could be lost in negotiations (should the union win an election), some of those supporters will actually go back to the union and ask them to withdraw.


            We fight with something that unions fear the most – the truthWhen we finish explaining the process and the good and the bad of being in a union, the employees come to learn that there is nothing the union can really do to improve their lives. 

In our meetings, we will encourage anyone who has had experience with a union – good or bad – to speak up.  Once we are done with these meetings and the employees hear the truth, this is when we are often presented with employees expressing their desires to stop this and how do they go about doing it?

In the end, 90% of the time, the truth wins out and you win as a result.


            We work out of two offices, one in the Midwest and one in Las Vegas, and therefore can easily travel to where you need us. We will travel to your location, meet with management and employees, and in short order your union organizing campaign will be over.


            There are many reasons why you do not want to talk to the employees yourself.  Even prepared speeches written by lawyers lose their effect on those who hear you speak in legalese. 
The law in this area is complicated and it is easy to say something unlawful.  It is also possible that the words you may say and the actions you take may be considered by the NLRB to be so bad that the NLRB orders that the Company must bargain with the union without the employees even being given the right to vote.  Further, as an “outsider” with decades of experience, we can answer the employees’ questions that show the employees we know what we are talking about and they can hear the truth from someone not inside the Company.


            We also make presentations to company employees BEFORE the union files an NLRB petition for an election.  Many times employers are warned about Union activity or solicitation of card signing at their business.  This is a time to act – not against the employees who are listening to the union – but to have us come in and talk to them. Once we meet with your employees and explain to the employees why a union is a bad idea, the problem goes away.  To date, every time we have made a presentation to the employees the union has gone away with no NLRB election petitions even filed.

ven when there is no union activity, we are brought into company operations and talk to employees so that your operation stays union-free.  There is no better way to keep a union out of your operation than to take action early so it never happens.


            We work with you and your employees to remove the union presence or concerns of possible union activity from your workplace.  We work with management to develop an even stronger positive relationship with your employees. 

This is the best guarantee that the union will not return or even show up in the first place!