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Midwest Management Consultants, Inc.
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Mason Law Firm Co., L.P.A.

Recent Union Campaigns where Union lost election or withdrew their Petition

A-1 Insulation - Company Won NLRB Election
Advanced Services - Union Withdrew Petition
AIM National Lease - Union Withdrew Petition
B&D Electrical - Company Won NLRB Election
Badger Industries - Company Won NLRB Election
Bedford Mercedes(Penske)/Infiniti - Company Won NLRB Election
Benjamin Steel - Company Won
Bessemer Concrete - Union Withdrew Petition
Blevins Fabrication - Union Withdrew Petition
Blue Diamond Industries - Union Withdrew Petition
Braden Sutphin Ink - Company Won NLRB Election
Brady Companies - Union Withdrew Petition
BrenMar Construction - Company Won NLRB Election
Carroll Electric Cooperative - Cooperative Won
C & J Electric - Union Withdrew Petition
Clarke Power Products - Union Withdrew Petition
Columbia (Gas) Pipeline Group - Union Withdrew Petition
Corporate Security Solutions - Union Withdrew Petition
Crown Warehousing & Logistics - Union Withdrew Petition
Curry Community Health - Company Won
Custom Coil - Decertification Petition Filed/Union Withdrew Recognition
Custom Glass - Company Won NLRB Election
Dan-Ber Concrete & Supply - Union Withdrew Petition
DB&S Steel - Union Withdrew Petition
DHL/AAustin Express - Union Withdrew Petition
E-Tank - Union Withdrew Petition
Eby-Brown - Company Won NLRB Election
ERMC - Union Withdrew Petition (Twice)
ERMC Facility Services - Company Won NLRB Election
Franzen Graphics - Decertification Petition Filed / Company Withdrew Recognition
Gateway Head Start - Company Won NLRB Election
Gerken Leasing - Union Withdrew Petition
Germain Mercedes - Union Withdrew Petition
Golden State Lumber - Company Won NLRB Election
Gray Container - Union Withdrew Petition
Gutter Helmet - Union Withdrew Petition
Hearthside Food Solutions - Ohio - Company Won NLRB Election
Huber Contracting - Company Won NLRB Election
Hudson Street Market -Decertification Petition Filed/Union Withdrew Recognition
JDY Gourmet - Union Withdrew Petition
Kerr Distributing - Company Won NLRB Election
Kentuckiana Trucking - Company Won NLRB Election
Krispy Kreme - Union Withdrew Petition
Hearthside Food Solutions - Kentucky - Company Won NLRB Election
Lind Outdoor Advertising - Company Won NLRB Election
Mansfield Brick & Supply - Union Withdrew Petition
Matheson Flight Extenders - Company Won NLRB Election
MedCorp - Company Won NLRB Election
Merritt Woodwork - Company Won NLRB Election
MEVA - Company Won NLRB Election
MJ Drayer Trucking - Company Won NLRB Election
Mid-West Telephone Services - Union Withdrew Petition
Modern Transportation Services/TSL - Union Withdrew Petition
Murray's Glass - Company Won NLRB Election
National Carton & Coating - Company Withdrew Recognition
NFI/National Distribution - Union Withdrew Petition
Nordic Air - Union Withdrew Petition
Oliastro Trucking - Union Withdrew Petition
Petermann - Cincinnati - Company Won NLRB Election
Pine Environmental - Union Withdrew Petition
Premix - Company Won NLRB Election
Quikrete/Chicago - Company Won NLRB Election
Quikrete/Cleveland - Union Withdrew Petition
RPI Graphic Data Solutions - Union Withdrew Petition
R&R Mechanical - Withdraw Plumbers Unit
Ratner Steel & Supply - Company Won NLRB Election
Robinson Fans - Company Won NLRB Election
Ross Environmental - Union Withdrew Petition
Schwebel Baking Company - Union Withdrew Petition
Stanley Schultze & Co. - Company Won NLRB Election
Star Transportation - Company Won NLRB Election
Strawser Equipment - Union Withdrew Petition
SureTight Insulated Panels - Union Withdrew Petition
T&B Ltd - Union Withdrew Petition
TMT Logistics - Company Won NLRB Election
Total Distribution - Union Withdrew Petition
Two Harbors Ford - Union Withdrew Petition
Verland Foundation - Company Won NLRB Election
VIP Plumbing - Company Won NLRB Election
Voto Manufacturers - Company Won NLRB Election
Williams NationaLease - Company Won NLRB Election
Zorro Trucking - Company Won NLRB Election

Recent Union Campaigns where Union Terminated Organizing Drive

AIM NationaLease/Bolingbrook, IL - Union Terminated Campaign
Columbus Distributing/Monster - Union Terminated Campaign
ERMC Total Security - Union Terminated Campaign
Fairborn USA - Union Terminated Campaign
Falcon Transport - Union Terminated Campaign
Germain Cadillac - Union Terminated Campaign
Germain Lexis - Union Terminated Campaign
DHL/Libby Rath - Union Terminated Campaign
Mansfield Assemblies - Union Terminated Campaign
Multi-Flow - Union Terminated Campaign
NFI/National Freight - Union Terminated Campaign in Perris, CA
NFI/National Freight - Union Terminated Campaign in Janesville, WI
NFI/National Freight - Union Terminated Campaign in Burlington, NJ
NFI/National Freight - Union Terminated Campaign in Bolingbrook, IL
NFI/National Freight - Union Terminated Campaign in City of Industry, CA
Pavestone - Union Terminated Campaign
Precision Pipeline - Union Terminated Campaign
Redemtech - Union Terminated Campaign
Thompson Concrete - Union Terminated Campaign
Warren Distribution - Union Terminated Campaign
Whirlaway Corporation - Union Terminated Campaign
XO Tech - Union Terminated Campaign
Recent Union Campaigns where Union won election
Allied Corporation - Company Lost

Ardit Company - Company Lost

Derstine's Foodservice - Company Lost

DHL/B&L Freight - Company Lost

General Die Casters - Company Lost - no contract

Great Lakes Storage - Company Lost - no contract

Heidelberg Distributing - Company Lost

Just In Time Staffing - Company Lost - Company closed

KIRA, LLC - Company Lost

Metz Culinary Management - Company Lost

Moore's IGA - Company Lost

Petermann - Lancaster - Company Lost

R&R Mechanical - Company Lost Pipe Fitter (2 man unit)

Shaw Industries - Company Lost

Superior Cartage - Company Lost

Tube Fabrication - Company Lost

Universal Stainless - Company Lost

Walrath Heating - Company Lost

West Penn Printing - Company Lost

Recent Union Campaigns where Vote was tied

Park Enterprise Construction Co., Inc. - Tied - Union loses all tie votes

Recent Union Campaigns where Company Withdrew Recognition

The Shelby Company

No two cases are the same and we cannot guarantee or assure you that the results we achieved with these clients can be obtained with your company without a thorough review and analysis of the facts and circumstances of your company.