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It’s hard to mess up with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The agency is usually on the side of the employees. After all, protecting their welfare is the reason for their existence. No wonder why employers always feel doomed when employee unions threaten filing complaints. This almost ensures a great financial loss on your part, not to mention the great destruction of your company’s reputation. Don’t worry. Consulting with Midwest Management Consultants will solve the problem.

The Edge of Our Consulting Firm

Hire us and you’ll get almost a 90% chance to win any NLRB case. This is backed up with real statistics that we are always ready to present to potential clients. If this statistic is not enough, then we’ll provide you with a list of our former clients. Call and ask them about their experience with our consulting firm. Decide whether to avail our consultancy services after getting first-hand testimonies from them.

The secret behind our impressive success rate is that we practice persuading activities. In fact, our company is registered with the US Department of Labor as “persuaders.” We talk with union leaders and members and present facts. We don’t give legal advice or information to them, but simply present the truth. They will be the ones to voluntarily withdraw their petition once they have understood the truth. This will save your company thousands of dollars. Employees don’t suffer because our move often leave them still employed and with better relationship with the company.

What Our Consulting Services Can Do

Our consulting services are not limited to winning a case. We believe that prevention is always the best solution for any employee-employer problem. Here are a few of our consulting services:

Compliance Safety Audits. Are you complying with all the safety and health standards of OSHA? There’s only one way to find out- have a compliance safety audit. But doing this can be a real hassle. But worry no more about auditing if you hire an experienced firm like us.

Machine Guarding Assistance. Working with moving machine parts means working with something that can cause injuries, blindness, burns, and amputations. If your company is in this kind of industry, then it is a must to take precautionary measures to protect workers from hazard. Our consulting team will help you build company standards on protecting workers based on the most efficient techniques.

Accident Investigation Assistance. Accident may still happen despite your high level of cautiousness. But in the event of an accident, investigation must be done to know the cause and prevent more disastrous events from happening.

OSHA Informal Conference Assistance. Receiving an OSHA citation can be threatening. But before you think about filing a Notice of Contest, it’s wiser to request an Information Conference. This will help you understand the violations and certain standards that apply, enter into a settlement agreement, discuss other options of correcting violations, discuss problems and alternative solutions, and maybe resolve the dispute without going through all the hassles. Tremendously increase your chance of resolving the issue to your advantage by hiring our consulting team.

Expert Witness. We can also be your expert witnesses. Professionals like us are reliable and reputable in providing information regarding issues that the common court cannot understand well.

Midwest Management Consultant, Inc. is strategically located in Ohio so traveling to any client will be easy for us. Consulting with our top professionals will be the start of winning the case or at least, prevent it from happening. Please feel free to contact us or visit our office anytime.