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Labor Management

Mismanagement can be a source of great conflict in the workplace. Most of the time, companies want increased productivity but without additional costs. They want more sales but set aside workers benefits and safety. These are just some of the common scenario that can lead to labor management disputes. It is therefore very important that things are kept agreeable for labor and management.

One way to do this is for management to comply with everything that OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration demands. But things are never perfect in a company and workplace setting. There will inevitably be disagreements between management and labor. This is more common in states where labor unions are well established like in Ohio. Some conflicts are so severe that workers go to the extent of going on strike, some excessively violent.

Labor Issues and Disputes

No company, whose vital concerns are production and harmony, wants to have any issues or problems related to workers. Good labor management is indispensable. But no matter how hard management tries to handle things well, there will be problems that it cannot solve on its own. There will always be a need for expert help like Midwest Management Consultants, Inc. We are an Ohio company specializing in labor management issues and problems.  

Midwest Management Consultants Inc. can assist you during labor negotiations to get the best result both for the company and workers. We can assist you in OSHA matters and compliance. If these are complied with even before an accident happens in the workplace, your company will be minimizing compensation costs and of course legal problems. A violation of the OSHA law, that caused injuries to your employees but did not result to death, severe illness or injury, could result to a maximum fine of $7,000.

We are also experts in labor laws and National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) concerns and issues. Don’t worry if you have limited knowledge on Ohio and federal labor laws. Our team of experts knows the Norris-LaGuardia act, the Labor-Management Relations Act, the National Labor Relations Act, and the Landrum-Griffin Act, just to name a few. We assist companies in understanding the existing local and federal labor laws and how to comply with such laws.

Good Labor Relations Prevents Labor Management Problems

Labor relations do not only involve contract discussions. There is a bigger labor-management connection between employers and workers. The union's constant duties involve doing things for its members like settling issues regarding contracts, sitting in meetings with management and workers undergoing disciplinary probes. The management, on the other hand, wants efficient workers and increased productivity.

Good labor management relationship lets issues be attended to promptly by management and resolved quickly. A confrontational relationship between labor and management prevents careful consideration of issues that eventually lead to more complaints, lawsuits, and strikes.

It is a fact; attaining efficient labor management is quite difficult. If your company wants to improve relationship with your employees and avoid legal conflicts, you can rely on our expertise. Every staff of Midwest Management Consultants, Inc. can provide solutions to almost every labor management issues that our clients want to deal with.  Our company has a very high rate of labor conflict resolution.