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The federal agency OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) was created to handle safety in the workplace. OSHA inspects workplaces to make sure safety standards are complied with and to monitor other work related issues. If you need practical advice about OSHA, Midwest Management Consultants, Inc of Dublin, Ohio can help you. We give substantial recommendations to the management to ensure company objectives and government compliance is achieved.

Midwest Management Consultants are not only expert in OSHA, we also specialize in providing management services. Our team of consultants is competent to provide assistance to both small and big corporations with regards to management issues and needs. With our years of experience, you can be confident that we can help you run your business smoother and attain your goals at a cost that you will realize is reasonable.

All companies want to comply with OSHA regulations but not all are confident that they can. Some perceive these undertakings to be too demanding and arduous. Should you need professional help on doing all things OSHA and tailored-made service to help the management, you can hire Midwest Management Consultants, Inc.

Managerial Expertise

Sure, there are other so-called experts who provide management services, but not many have the abilities and familiarity on the matter as we do. Not all companies produce policies that can take every thing related to workers’ welfare, government regulations, and company objectives. But if you work with Midwest Management Consultants Inc., all pertinent issues will be resolved.

The various managerial services that Midwest Management Consultants Inc. can offer are listed below. However, if your company needs help in other management related problems in the company please feel free to contact us.

  • Company safety policy. We can serve as your ally in providing your workplace a safe and healthy environment. We offer guidance to companies in identifying and eliminating the potential risks to the safety and security of both the employees and customers. We do this by providing practical operating practices and procedures to follow.
  • Ten-step business plan (Bureau of Workers' Compensation premium-discount program). Our management experts can create a plan to help your business save funds on your Workers’ Compensation rates. We can guide you in evaluating alternative strategies that will give your company with an opportunity to get discounts in the state. We can create a drug-free workplace by ensuring that unlawful distribution and use of a controlled substance does not exist and is prohibited in your workplace.
  • OSHA injury & illness recordkeeping. We help companies in understanding OSHA injury & illness recordkeeping. We can also handle this process for you. Additionally, we can help you identify work related injuries and illnesses that are recordable to OSHA form 300. Our specialists can also guide you in understanding the interpretations of OSHA recordkeeping.
  • OSHA written program development. Midwest Management Consultants Inc. has years of experience in OSHA written program development so you can be confident that we are expert in assessing OSHA required written programs and processes for different business types. 
Midwest Management Consultants Inc. has been assisting several companies in the state of Ohio for years. From simple training programs to providing managerial expertise, our consulting company is the primary choice. We collaborate with the management to ensure all of the problems are solved the soonest possible time.