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Training employees on what to do at work is not enough. Training on how to keep themselves safe and how employers can keep them safe is a must, too. Besides, your company cannot remove this from the to-do list. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will assure that you will by hook or by crook. Better keep your company safe from all the hassles and expenses. Training everyone in the business about safety should be done immediately. Midwest Management Consultant, Inc. can help you.

Our Training Services

Our company offers a variety of training services that are aimed to help companies comply with OSHA standards while reducing worker’s compensation cost.

On-Site Safety Training. Never miss this training service simply because it is the most important for every company. Our trainer can check the location if it is complying with OSHA’s safety standards. Training can start after that. Both employers and employees will be taught how to be cautious and insure safety in the actual working area.

OSHA 10 And 30 Hour General Industry Classes. This training will provide broad awareness for the workers on how to recognize and prevent hazards in any general industry site. But since this training is of general scope, it is highly advisable to get another training that is specific for your industry.

OSHA 10 And 30 Hour Construction Industry Classes. Working in the construction industry involves health and safety hazards. This training aims to help employees understand how to recognize, avoid, abate, and prevent such hazards while also informing them about workers’ rights and employer’s responsibilities. The 10-hour class is ideal for workers while the 30-hour class is for supervisors and workers with safety responsibilities.

Power Industrial Truck Training. Thousands of injuries and millions of property damages are reported every year due to unsafe use of power industrial trucks. You’ll save money and lives by undergoing this training. People who are involved in working with heavy-duty equipment should undergo this type of training.

Hazard Recognition Training. Accidents don’t just happen. They could have been prevented if workers have undergone hazard recognition training. It will be easier to plan for and work with safety by recognizing potential hazards.

Self-Sufficient Safety Team Training. Can you go on a holiday without worrying about your team? If not, then this training program is necessary to build a team that is autonomous and can go on with business as usual without bugging you on your vacation.

Training With Our Safety Consultant

You simply don’t know who the most experienced safety specialist in Ohio is without meeting George Kunz. Simply put, this man has been in the field of fire protection and occupational safety for more than 44 years. What he accomplished during those years and his current qualifications make him even more amazing for the job.

George has earned a degree in fire science and safety. He is teaching safety and health classes in various colleges in Ohio. Outside of school, he is working extensively for the same industry. His jobs include safety compliance audits, accident investigations, enforcement inspections, expert witness testimony, and OSHA Informal Conferences. But best of all, George is a certified OSHA Trainer. He has wide-range of training experiences under his belt and has also written various OSHA program assistance and guides.

The safety and health training for your company can never be headed by a man that is less than perfect. And George Kunz of Midwest Management Consultants Inc. is simply more than perfect for this job.